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Our adventure in the export and import sector, which started in 2006 with the aim of assisting companies in their international commercial activities, has helped many companies to expand their commercial network and increase their sales. Considering the advantages of technology that has developed over the years, we decided on creating an international digital platform where businesses can get more successful results in foreign trade in a shorter time.
While creating this platform, we took into account the shortcomings and difficulties in international trade processes, and in 2020, we created GoTradeGo, the digital face of trade for both foreign trade specialists and companies that want to export or import.
GoTradeGo serves as a bridge that enables international trade to be realized easily through a single site by bringing together companies that want to export or import and freelance foreign trade specialists who are skilled and have experience in their fields.
With GoTradeGo, Foreign Trade Specialists can share their experiences with companies in need, while at the same time earning additional income. They can reach more companies by expanding their working network and reaching companies that want to trade more in their area of expertise with one click on GoTradeGo.
Companies that want to do foreign trade, on the other hand, can reach professional and experienced foreign trade specialists, specific to the product and market they want to trade, through GoTradeGo's user-friendly platform and start working with the most suitable foreign trade specialist quickly and start increasing their income.

  • Set Your Exports and Imports Free
  • Expands Your Perspective
  • Provides information about the market
  • Represents its client
  • Finds dealers/distributors in foreign markets
  • Works for your benefit

Who Are We?

Founded in 2006, our company, Amazing Technology and Marketing Inc. continues to operate in sectors that earn foreign currency for our country. Our fields of activity are export, e-export and tourism. Our company has exported close to 20 million dollars annually to more than 50 countries, especially to European countries.

GOTRADEGO aims to create value in the foreign trade network in the world. We believe that by combining our experience in foreign trade with our innovative and entrepreneurial structure, we have created an easy and fast way for the foreign trade process for businesses and customer representatives doing this business. GoTradeGo continues its efforts to increase the economic added value of its software updates and activities. We are justifiably proud of a digital network that not only provides services for businesses that capture the common synergy and want to open up to the global market to take action quickly but also enables people who have proven themselves in foreign trade outside of current working standards and are trying to increase their competence in this field, to work with the whole world regardless of where they are in the world. Our projects continue for our friends who want to pursue a career in foreign trade but do not know where to start so that they can increase their efficiency and effectiveness. We invite people who are confident in themselves and their competencies in foreign trade and businesses that want to take part in the global arena to our system. Our company founded in 2006 under the name of Amazing Teknoloji ve Pazarlama A.S. (Inc.) continues to operate in sectors that bring foreign currency into our country.
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