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Frequently asked questions for GoTradeGo
  • Why Should I Become a Member? Why Do I Pay a Membership/Product Listing Fee at the First?

    Our goal is to get you quick access to the global market by ensuring that specialists who have foreign trade experience with your product and who already have a client portfolio are interested in your product. We want specialists having experience in foreign trade to adopt your product and its features and offer you customers as soon as possible.

  • How Does GoTradeGo Provide Advantage to My Company?

    It reduces or eliminates the cost of your company's foreign trade department, finds new markets and customers to which/to whom you can import/export your products, and foreign trade specialists registered in GoTradeGo try working to sell your products, thus increasing your turnover and profits.

  • When Am I Able to Make My First Export?

    This shows changes depend on the market situation.

  • Is There a Limitation on the Product Group to be Exported?

    We are growing as days pass with our experienced foreign trade specialists in many product groups; thus, there is no limitation in any product group.

  • Who Will Take Care of Me/My Company's Export?

    If an agreement is reached after the matching is provided in our site, a foreign trade specialist who is experienced in your product and has an import/export customer portfolio will deal with your import and export. In addition to that, foreign trade specialists in our portfolio, who are experts in your product in many countries of the world, will look for customers.

  • Do You Have a Contracted Customs Brokerage and Shipping Company?

    Yes, customs brokers and transport companies are among our solution partners. If you wish, you can benefit from special prices for gotradego members.

  • Who Takes Care of Official Procedures for Export?

    Foreign trade specialists, with whom you have provided the matching and agreed, try to find customers abroad for your products and export them, and to make agreeing with the customer on conditions such as price, payment, delivery, product features, etc. Apart from that, the official procedures that are left over regarding your company, such as choosing the carrier, loading the goods, receiving the necessary permits, preparing the export documents, and sending the documents to the relevant institutions are performed by you. Your foreign trade specialist explains how to prepare documents with examples and provides support on processes. You can receive additional services from your foreign trade manager and you can also request from them to carry out other procedures such as export documents, etc..

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