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By entering your export experience into the system, become a member of GoTradeGo, and turn your experience into profit.

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You can either evaluate the offers from the exporters/importers, or you can bid on the product you are experienced with by visiting the marketplace.

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Find the customer and get the buyer and seller to agree, and realize the foreign trade process that the business needs.

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To Earn Additional Income

Working freelance at GoTradeGo offers you the opportunity to earn higher profits by receiving commissions from your exports.

To Save Your Time

After matching with the importer/exporter company, we present you the target customer data. In this way, you can communicate with potential customers faster and speed up the process.

To Guarantee Your Progress Billing

We protect your progress billing with our contracts with companies.

To Be Development-Oriented

We provide you with the opportunity to develop your product range and create your own brand by gaining experience in different products.

To Discover Your Foreign Trade Potential

We create the opportunity to communicate with customers in different sectors so that you can enter to different markets.

To Be Free

Instead of working in a fixed place, we offer you the opportunity to manage your own time and take time for yourself by working freelance.

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